Scott Mosher - Virtuality (2001)

VIRTUALITY merges the musical worlds of progressive metal, ambient, new-age and cinematic rock in a contemporary fusion of trance-inspired song structures. The thematic soundscapes of VIRTUALITY forge a dramatic and atmospheric listening experience without genre specific constraints while attaining a dynamic rarely heard in todays corporate musical climate.
The VIRTUALITY CD project encompasses a trilogy of inter-connected media concepts: the MUSIC (72-minutes of ambient, neo-progressive cyber rock soundscapes), the ART (an accompanying 16-page full-color booklet with lyrics,liner notes, abstract digital paintings and extenstive graphic art) and the PHILOSOPHY (defining the concept of Virtuality and tying in the art and music to Scott's personal ideology and socio-political rants, raves, tirades, observations and ideals). All in all, this is a distinct, diverse and dynamic release from someone who is not afraid to merge a hybrid of musical genre's, showcase his digital artwork, and share his spirited personal convictions, while maintaing his position as the original allroundniceguy™.

  • Release date:Fall 2001

    Musicians:Scott Mosher - all music
    Tood Corsa - all vocals, guest guitar solo on 'The Dreaming Eye'
    Mickey James - production & engineering, bass guitar solo on 'The Promise of Truth'