Oceans of Night - Midnight Rising (2014)

Dynamic, evocative and powerful, MIDNIGHT RISING is a continuation of the ambient metal style established on 2006’s DEEP HORIZON, THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR (2009) and onthrough DOMAIN in 2011. Once again mixed/mastered by Joey Vera (Armored Saint, FatesWarning, Engine), MIDNIGHT RISING also features guest appearances by keyboardist Vivien Lalu (Lalu, Shadrane, Hubi Meisel), guitarist Chris Rifkin (EF5/F5, Eye of the Storm) and vocalist Stephanie Warren. With over an hour of music that pushes boundaries and bridges worlds, Oceans of Night remain dedicated to exploring the sonic limits of metal music by any means necessary.

  • Release date:July 2014

    Musicians:Scott Mosher - all music
    Scott Oliva - all vocals
    Stephanie Warren - vocals on 'Reach Me'
    Chris Rifkin - guest guitar solo on 'The Burning Skies'
    Vivien Lalu - Guest keyboard solos on 'The Haunted Mind', 'Midnight Rising', 'Gone Forever' and "World Born in Fire"
    Joey Vera - production & engineering