VOICE // Vocals, Lyrics

APPEARANCES // On CD: Deep Horizon (2006), The Shadowheart Mirror (2009), Domain (2011), Midnight Rising (2014)     

Scott Oliva has one of the most powerful and distinguished voices in the independent metal scene, and his discography of recorded music and band appearances, is prolific and telling. Starting his impressive musical career in the legendary Long Island progressive metal band Inner Strength, Mr. Oliva has also worked consistently and persistently with Wind Wraith, Driven, and most recently, The Nightmare Stage - yet another powerful and provocative gothic metal band with strong Long Island roots. Scott's other longtime (and perhaps, infamous) vocal gig is as vocalist for NY-based Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death. When it comes to Mr. Oliva's vocal talents - Prepare yourselves!

Vivien Lalu

MUSIC // Keyboard solos

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising CD (2014)   

Viv Lalu is a French composer, keyboard player, songwriter, and record producer. The son of Noelle and Michel Lalu, musicians from the ‘70s French progressive act Polène, he had a musical upbringing with his parents. Viv has released numerous recordings through an array of different bands and projects since 1997. He first became known for being the keyboard player and songwriter for Hubi Meisel from 2002 to 2005. He is better known for producing progressive metal records, in particular his own band LALU. He is featured on the songs 'Wherever You Are', 'The Haunted Mind', 'Midnight Rising' and 'A World Born of Fire'.

Stephanie Warren

VOICE // Vocals, Lyrics

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising CD (2014)   

The versatile vocal talents of Mrs. Warren are showcased on the track 'Reach Me', the closing track on 2014's MIDNIGHT RISING. Stephanie Warren is an accomplished songwriter, vocalist, and actress. Music has been a lifeline. Oceans of night gave her the opportunity to explore a new musical genre. Her debut album “Fatherload” is “Motown-pop-rap”. She lives in LA, and continues to create art in the form of song.

Chris Rifkin

MUSIC // Guitar solo

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising CD (2014)   

Cyberstorm/EF5/F5/Eye of the Storm/Itopia songwriter/guitar player and golf-hater, Chris Rifkin appears on 'The Burning Sky' from the MIDNIGHT RISING CD with a tasty guitar solo.

Alan Smithee

MUSIC // Drums, percussion, and a truly enigmatic presence


Say hello to the Talented Mr. Smithee... We would tell you more about the musical enigma that is Smithee but then we'd have to kill you.

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