Scott Mosher - Inferno (2004)

INFERNO expands upon the synthesis of heavy progressive rock and ambient textured soundscapes established on VIRTUALITY and delves further into the worlds of hauntingly melodic and dark evocative music. With a stronger emphasis on vocal arrangements, guitar-based dynamics and dramatic song structures, INFERNO is the next step in artistic evolution... and fits all head sizes.

The range and diversity on INFERNO is showcased on pieces like the ominous soundscapes of "Descent", the somber tribal rhythms of "Dark Sun" and the melancholy "Exile", through the crushing groove and sonic bombast of "Inferno" and "Ghostland", the melodious "Left Behind" and ultimately crescendo's in an emotional aria on the grandiose epic "The World Fades to Gray".

Taken as a whole, INFERNO is not just a dynamic musical journey, but a strong artistic statement... and fortuitously fleeting glance into the mind of a canine-endorsed, distinguished, compassionate, brooding, flippant and non-british gentleman (and allroundniceguy.)

  • Release date:Fall 2004

    Musicians:Scott Mosher - all music
    Todd Corsa - all vocals, guest guitar solos on 'Engines of Industry' and 'The World Fades to Gray
    Mickey James - production & engineering