Scott Mosher - Ambient Earth (1996)

AMBIENT EARTH paints the surreal landscapes of the cosmic mind and the infinite imagination using electronic instrumentation (analog &
digital, and weaving them together in a haunting, beautiful combination of ambient space rock, and contemporary new age music. Tribal
rhythms merge with lush, dreamy chord washes, mysterious and majestic melodies combine with abstract, contemplative textures. It is at
once strangely ominous and eerily evocative. From the tribal rhythms of 'Where the River Runs Black' and 'Tenochitlan', through the progressive
space-rock of ' Innerverse' and 'Burning Sea', the hauntingly dramtic 'Atlantis Rises from the Waves' and 'Descent into the Inferno',
to the soaring atmospheres of 'Spinning Binary System' and 'Relams of Autumn Twilight', the listener will journey to a realm of unearthly

  • Release date:Spring 1996