Joey Russell / April 2024

I was frozen in my recliner as the opening song started ,it is a departure of sorts ,starting it that way ,but you kept it "OCEANS" as you moved thru the songs ,I have only gotten thru the first 3 songs ,but you bring it so far ,keeping it relevant ,and your balls out guitar work burns it up as per usual. I said "a departure of sorts",and I mispoke ,you have evolved your creativity to another level. Obelisk ,is runaway hot,the addition of female singers is epic triumph !!! The best album ,and my current favorite. Even tho Scott sings on one track ,I have always liked his voice as the franchise singer . There is so much to love about everything "MINDSTORM",and some of the double kick bass drum work reminds me of DTs "Images and words" where on "ANOTHER DAY" Portnoy pounded me back into my drivers seat ,feeling it in my chest. band have created a masterpiece with "MINDSTORM",incorporating some new musical direction , which cannot be denied , or ignored.Bravo ,Scott !!! Loving it a ton.I waited a while to hear this , and while I don't want to say it was worth the wait , it really was , I'm blown away , and yes the million $ question , but I have great faith in you brother , you continue to generate cerebral rock , and I must say ... This is going to be a hard one to top. You've set the bar high on yourself. This will keep me happy for some time. I keep hearing things I didn't during the prior listen. Absolutely a 5 star effort.

Metal Archives / April 2024

Scott Mosher's new release under the Oceans Of Night moniker takes me back to the second half of the nineties when Dan Rock and Siggi Blasey's Darkstar released two similarly ambient, slightly electronic and atmospheric prog metal albums. A strange thing (for me) to say is that I mostly like the instrumental tracks on "Mindstorm", which luckily are in the majority. I don't really like the guest vocalists' performances to be honest. They're ok on "Siren", which is one of the highlights, together with "Vast And Infinite". All in all a good release.

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