Prog Rogue + House of Prog / May 2024


STEAM-1 Music Marketing Leadership / April 2024

This is a band they are from Los Angeles, California, USA. They have a sound that sounds like electric Rock & Metal to me, rock metal guitar mixed with current rhythmic sounds, light dance, thoughtful lyrics uncommon to overcome mediocrity and conformism. Proposal thinking music, for thinking people, introspective, reflective, emotional and in touch with the unknown. Scott Mosher is the composer of the band and plays a lot of instruments, with whom I had the pleasure of talking, they have four singers, who sings "Distant" is called Nina Helene Hirten also known as Derosnec, her voice reminds me of the European medieval songs, but on a current musical basis. "Distant" talks about a fractured relationship, the sad separation. Progressive Rock Metal from Los Angeles, California, USA, 🇺🇸 the cradle of 80s Heavy Metal, the city where Rock and Metal never left, is now refreshed with a 2024 style with a European air in the voice of Nina Helene Hirten and an electric sound. Music recommended.. - Steam-1 Music Marketing.

Elevar Online / May 2024

Mindstorm: A Sonic Tempest of Metal and Atmosphere.

Scott Mosher’s musical brainchild, Oceans Of Night, just released its newest 12-track Mindstorm, another An aural odyssey that transports listeners to vast, sweeping sonic landscapes, painting vivid imagery with thunderous progressive metal grooves and grandiose atmospheric textures. Mosher is at his best when he’s weaving together metal intensity with airy and orchestral backdrops; something I’ve haven’t seen many musicians do. He’s collaborated with four vocalists, a keyboard artist and tied it all together with production authority Eric Stolz. This is Scott’s 8th full album. Mindstorm starts off with Servants of Shadow/New Dawn, shifting seamlessly between savage progressive metal riffing and Wagnerian clouds of ambience. The entire listening experience is ripe with melodic guitar solos slicing through the sonic maelstrom like razors, conjuring searing emotional vistas at every turn. Mindstorm is another crowning achievement for this visionary architect. It truly transports you to operatic, larger-than-life planes of sonic mythos – proving that after 28 years, Scott Mosher’s cinematic vision remains astonishingly vivid and his musical evolution continually encapsulates everything he does best. - Christine c/o Elevar.

Transcending the Mundane / Issue #46/2024

Musician and songwriter Scott Mosher is the man behind progressive metallers Oceans Of Night. They have three previous records, most recent being 2014’s Midnight Rising. Talented Long Island based vocalist Scott Oliva is back, but Scott also recruited the diverse vocal styles of Pablo Zuccala, Derosnec, and April Rach. There is a balance between instrumental tracks (including the awesome opener “Servants of Shadow New Dawn”) and ones with the variety of vocalists. “Before the Fall” is excellent with some Fates Warning/ Jim Matheos like riffs. The instrumental “Obelisk” reminds me of vintage Rush. “Mindstorm” and “Distant” benefit from the female vocals and for people into thought provoking prog, the nine minute pic “No Turning Back” is must listen. Welcome back! - Brett c/o Transcending the Mundane.

Metal Bite / April 2024



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