Scott Oliva

VOICE // Vocals, Lyrics

APPEARANCES // Deep Horizon, The Shadowheart Mirror, Domain, Midnight Rising

Born in 1892 the son of a blacksmith, Scott spent much of his early years roaming the open land playing with the horses and cattle on his uncle Remous's farm. Even earlier than that while still in soiled diapers the youg boy would run around the cabin screaming like a banshee and oddly enough in tune with whatever had been on musically in the background. Mostly his Grandma"s Jug and older Sisters's harp.

The Oliva family had been filled with music lovers. Dying to break out of the one Horse (well 2 and a half, Grampa Ned didnt have the heart to put ole Clara down when she lost her 2 back legs in a strange twist of fate,so he made a makeshift wooden wheelbarrel so she could live out the rest of her horse dayz.God bless grampa Ned. Rest his soul as well.) Scott always knew he had some talent besides winning the yearly wistle while you fart contests the locals would hold. "I came in second every year,cept one and thats when old Twichy (real name Jacob knot) decided not to show up cause he was down to only one pair of clean underwear that week. So I came in first and knew there had to be a bigger plan in store for me. After taking a couple of singing lessons from Miss poly petunia the towns one and only piano teacher Scott realized he had something special. A voice...

Speaking of voices, Mr. Oliva has one of the most powerful and distinguished voices in the independent metal scene, and his discography of recorded music and band appearances, is prolific and telling. Starting his impressive musical career in local Long Islang progressive metal legends, Inner Strength, Mr. Oliva has also worked consistently and persistently with Wind Wraith, Driven, and most recently, The Nightmare Stage - yet another powerful and provocative gothic metal band with strong Long Island roots, and a killer CD, FREE ADMISSION FOR THE DAMNED - released in 2010. They continue to work on new music for a new CD in 2012. Scott's other longtime (and perhaps, infamous) vocal gig is as vocalist for NY-based Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death. When it comes to Mr. Oliva's vocal talents - Prepare yourselves!


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