Who is Oceans of Night?

As the enigmatic and mysterious name suggests, Oceans of Night is a modern rock band - equal parts progressive rock and modern heavy metal, wrapped around powerful vocal melodies and evocative guitar work served with a distinct ambient flavor. Conjuring epic and dynamic music with an cinematic twist, each Oceans of Night release is a dramatic musical experience that demands your undivided attention. With 3 CD's currently in circulation (and 4 other CDs released eponymously under Scott Mosher) Oceans of Night are forging a brave new path in the world of progressive metal music.

Rising from the ashes of the eponymous solo band lead by musical mastermind Scott Mosher, from 1996 through 2004, Oceans of Night bridges the worlds of progressive metal, melodic hard rock and ambient music to create an experimental yet complimentary style of music that is at once as subtle as it is powerful, aggressive as it is dynamic and timeless as it is modern. Scott Oliva continues to perform in the legendary NY Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death and The Nightmare Stage. He has also written, performed and recorded with Wind Wraith, Inner Strength, Last Vision Black and Driven. The Scott's had first worked together on Mr. Mosher's 4th CD release, Deep Horizon, in 2006. Say hello for the first time in a musical experience, to the Talented Mr. Smithee.

Midnight Rising (CD, 2014)

Dynamic, evocative and powerful, MIDNIGHT RISING is a continuation of the ambient metal style established on 2006’s DEEP HORIZON, THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR (2009) and onthrough DOMAIN in 2011. Once again mixed/mastered by Joey Vera (Armored Saint, FatesWarning, Engine), MIDNIGHT RISING also features guest appearances by keyboardist Vivien Lalu (Lalu, Shadrane, Hubi Meisel), guitarist Chris Rifkin (EF5/F5, Eye of the Storm) and vocalist Stephanie Warren. With over an hour of music that pushes boundaries and bridges worlds, Oceans of Night remain dedicated to exploring the sonic limits of metal music by any means necessary.

Domain (CD, 2011)

DOMAIN is our second CD release and follows up THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR in 2009 (and 4 previous CDs recorded eponymously under the Scott Mosher name.) Mixed and engineered by Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint, Engine) Domain features a refined focus on the staples of the Oceans of Night sound: soaring vocal melodies, evocative guitar solos, sophisticated rhythm structures, and dynamic song arrangements wrapped in a tapestry of percolating ambience. From the epic title track and "The View to You" to the crushing instrumental "Instruments of Fear" through the melodic driving rock of "Don't Look to Me" and "Ghosts of the Past", DOMAIN covers tremendous ground sonically. This is music that makes a bold and powerful statement.

The Shadowheart Mirror (CD, 2009)

THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR is the first CD from Oceans of Night and demands your undivided attention. Equal parts progressive metal and modern rock served with a distinct ambient flavor, THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR isa dark, haunting and cinematic musical statement that resonates with emotional impact. From the crushing rhythmic wall of sound that is "A Way From You" to the the dynamic soundscapes of "Living in the Past" through the melodic yet modern metal sounds of "Two Worlds Apart" and "New Machine", all of your musical bases are covered.