Voice // Vocals

APPEARANCES // 2020 Digital releases

The evocative vocal stylings of April are featured on the song "Mindstorm", released in 2020 in digital format only.


Voice // Vocals

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising

The versatile vocal talents of Mrs. Warren are showcased on the track 'Reach Me', the closing track on 2014's MIDNIGHT RISING.


Music // Keyboard solos

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising

The French Keyboard Lord (Lalu, Shadrane, Hubi Meisel, Smelly Metal) is featured on the songs 'Wherever You Are', 'The Haunted Mind', 'Midnight Rising' and 'A World Born of Fire' withi his blistering and melodic synth solos.


Music // Guitar solo

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising

Cyberstorm/EF5/F5/Eye of the Storm/Itopia songwriter/guitar player and golf-hater, Chris Rifkin appears on 'The Burning Sky' from the MIDNIGHT RISING CD with a tasty guitar solo.


Voice & Music // Vocals, guitar solos

APPEARANCES // Virtuality, Inferno

Todd was vocalist on Scott Mosher's second (Virtuality, 2001) and third (Inferno, 2004) CD releasess, and bequeathed those musical relesaes with some killer guitar solos as well. Currently, still waiting for his first solo record. Waiting... waiting... waiting...

Mick 'Mikkey' James

Music // Studio Production + Engineering, Bass guitar solos

APPEARANCES // Virtuality, Inferno, Deep Horizon, The Shadowheart Mirror

Solo Artist, former Earth Eats God bassis, and Criss Angel songwriter/producer/studio wizard, Mick James, drops by to drop a nasty outro basss solo on 'The Promise of Truth' from Scott Mosher's 2001 release, VIRTUALITY. He also enginereed and mixed VIRTUALITY, INFERNO and DEEP HORIZON (2006).



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